January 20, 2022

The Holiday Train Show Bronx Botanical Gardens!

The Holiday Train Show Bronx Botanical Gardens!

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Written by Susan Birnbaum
January 20, 2022

The Holiday Train Show Bronx Botanical Gardens!

It’s not too late to experience one of New York’s Holiday wonders – The Holiday Train Show at the New York Botanical Gardens. It ends this Sunday, Jan 23!  Get tickets here.

This year I attended the Holiday Train Show with my 3-year-old granddaughter Maya Shayne.

To call the Holiday show a “train” show is really a misnomer. The Botanical Gardens has created an incredible collection with the help of the visionary artist Paul Busse and his fabulous team. The trains are interesting but for me, the real “hook” is the amazing replicas of New York City Landmarks. All the iconic “New York” buildings and sites are there- made of pine cones, twigs, berries, and all sorts of natural materials. 

The New York Botanical Garden (Image by Anthony22)

Each year it is updated and the 2021 addition is the New York Botanical Gardens own LuEsther T Metz Library. It was founded in 1899 and is the largest botanical library in the USA.

I believe we went to the first “train show” in 1991.  It consisted of a large table- just like a train board, you would set up in your living room.   It was outdoors in front of the administration building (the same building in which I won an “honorable” mention for my begonia dish garden in a competition for NYC school children when I was in the 6th grade at PS 91).


The Chrysler Building (Image by Wally Gobetz)

TWA Passenger Terminal (Image by Susan Birnbaum)

Maya with the Statue of Liberty (Image by Susan Birnbaum)

Yankee Stadium (Image by Susan Birnbaum)

Grand Central Terminal (Image by Wally Gobetz)

Macy's (Image by Susan Birnbaum)

Radio City Music Hall (Image by Susan Birnbaum)

Rockefeller Center (Image by Susan Birnbaum)

Brooklyn Bridge (Image by Wally Gobetz)

New York has so many interesting and festive activities during the Holiday Season sometimes it’s hard to choose, but I know The New York Botanical Gardens  Train Show never disappoints.

Let us know which interests you!

SusanSez was founded by Susan Birnbaum. Susan has had a lifelong interest in history. Susan is a twenty year member of the Guides Association of NYC, and a member of The Bronx, Brooklyn, and New York Historical Societies. In addition to all of this; she is also a docent at at the Museum of the City of New York. She is also the recipient of The Bronx Tourism Award from The Bronx Tourism Council for her unparalleled commitment to sharing the rich history of The Bronx.
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