A portrait of Susan Birnbaum with her trademark red hair.

About Susan

Come see New York City through the eyes of SusanSez. Spend a day walking through the vibrant multicultural neighborhoods of NYC, watch Susan give virtual tours of NYC and beyond, or work with Susan to create your own adventure.
"I want to show people the NYC I love...the people...the food...the culture"
NYC tour guide, Susan was born and raised in NYC and is still living in The Bronx today. At an early age, Susan developed a fascination with history. She mostly loved NYC's countless neighborhoods full of rich history, immigrant enclaves, and of course, food! Susan's love of history led to her earning a Bachelor's of History from NYC's Hunter College. Susan then earned her Master's Degree in Social Work which she used during the 30 years in the field. Once retired, Susan was ready for her next life adventure and decided to "keep the social, and ditch the work." This is when she founded SusanSez NYC Walkabouts more than 20 years ago. Susan loves sharing her insight on her hometown's history, culture and food. What makes Susan different? She takes you to parts of the city most people never see (and locals don't even know exists). And thanks to Covid, Susan has ventured into Virtual tours. This allows her to share even more history since she covers interesting places that are usually too far to include during an in-person tour. 

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SusanSez NYC Walkabouts is owned and operated by Susan Birnbaum, a native New Yorker obsessed with its history and food. She is licensed as a Sightseeing Guide by the City of New York and an active member of the Guides Association of New York City. Once you go on a tour with her you will understand why she is a multi-award winning tour guide.

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With a “New York” wit, Susan guides you through the city’s history and food culture in neighborhoods in the Bronx and Queens few tourists ever visit. She also creates amazing NYC tour experiences like the Knitting Crawl and Chocolate Paradise.
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